of Four Spherules


Al Collins shares with us another of his incredible projects: the making of his remarkable four ball box utilizing his MADE lathe. Such incredible craftsmanship and strategy went into its production.

This piece, like other pieces Al has made, was first researched and planned. Al, having delved into the techniques used to make the Coburg Ivories, based this box on a section of one of the Coburg Ivory Chalices. Read more about his process in the latest edition, Volume 23. No.1, of the Ornamental Turners International Newsletter.



Here Al is cutting the exterior of the box before hollowing out the inside.



Al hollows out the inside of the box for the four spheres using a fixed tool, after first roughing out the inside with a high speed cutting frame.



Al uses a special chuck system to make the top of the box.


The completed piece!

One couldn’t call these spheres pointless!

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