An Amplitude Adjuster

Al Collins, who seems to never sleep, but only invent and make new wonderful things has made an amplitude adjuster for the MADE lathe.
From the bench of Al Collins:
I thought an Amplitude Adjuster would be a nice addition to the MADE RE. In thinking about it, there wasn’t much room for improvement on the Armbruster design. As expected, Fred did some thorough R&D and came up with an amazing design which, again as expected, he shared insight and encouragement. Thank you Fred.
    I didn’t want to copy Fred’s design, but why change what is already proven to work well. One thing I wanted in my design was a more open area above the touch bar. To that end I attached to the headstock at the lowest place feasible and came up from there with 2 arms to support a small dovetailed rail that will rock with the headstock and support a carriage/ Adjuster all the way back to the auxiliary rosette holder without interfering with the Retractor. This design required a new touch holder and touch with a carbide rod the rides against another carbide rod on the adjustable swing arm. The swing arm is incremented to give Amplitude adjustments of 100%, .8, .6, .4, .2 % or anywhere in between. 
   The A/A touch rides on a small linear slide for ease of movement and has a separate adjustable touch to make a proper fit against the rosette. This touch is reversible to put it’s bearing either left or right depending on the rosette used.
    All in all it’s very desirable and interesting to be able to change the amplitude at will. —— AC.
This beautiful video Al put together shows the amplitude adjuster in action.

2 Comments on “An Amplitude Adjuster

  1. My name is Robert Barton
    Fred Armbruster provided my father, Dr. Theodore Barton, with an engraving machine.
    Now my Dad is beyond working with the big machines, and as I recall, Fred wanted that machine returned upon that eventuality.
    If you can help get us in touch , it would be greatly appreciated.


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