David Lindow


David Lindow is the owner of Lindow Machine Works, the company which has successfully manufactured and marketed a compact, modern rose engine called the Lindow Rose Engine since 2007. The Lindow Rose Engine is a mid-sized machine that is loosely patterned off of traditional American machines meant to bring rose engine turning to a broader market by having a machine in the mid-price level. This allows anyone with a serious interest to be able to afford one. While the machine is beautiful in its own right, there is no attempt at beauty for beauty’s sake, making it a simple and practical machine. It is a medium-duty machine allowing it to be used for a wide array of work, but on the light side for fixed tool work.

David’s extensive background and experience with ornamental turning, engine turning, and rose engine work, as well as his experience with finishing and fitting, building and restoring mechanical devices and machines, provides him with exceptional insight in the creation of the MADE lathe. David’s background as a clockmaker, and experience producing and marketing his Lindow tall clock movements, as well as performing 18th and early 19th century clock repair and restoration, provides him with unique and invaluable qualifications.
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