M.A.D.E. is



Mike Stacey

Mike Stacey owns and operates Columbus Machine Works with his wife Diana. Mike has a deep appreciation for ingenuity and fine craftsmanship, which led him into the world of the ornamental turning lathe and rose engine. A chance meeting with David Lindow resulted in a long lasting friendship and a mutual desire to build something of unmatched quality – this ambition was eventually matched with the creation of the MADE lathe.


Al Collins

Al Collins is a dedicated advocate of ornamental turning, and specifically fixed tool work. He is responsible for the original casting patterns and custom cabinetry for the MADE lathe prototype. His research interests include the methods and materials used by the ornamental turners of previous centuries and generating original rosette shapes to discover previously unknown patterns. He is currently working on experimental cams to reproduce the lost techniques of the Coburg Ivories.


David Lindow

David Lindow is a specialist in ornamental and engine turning, as well as a master clockmaker. In addition to his understanding of antique engine turning machines and their operation, he revolutionized the world of ornamental turning with the release of his Lindow Rose Engine Lathe in 2006. Eventually this project led to the development of the MADE lathe. This work has made David an invaluable international resource for enthusiasts and engine turners alike. He also teaches courses in engine turning.


Eric Spatt

Eric Spatt is a long time enthusiast of ornamental and engine turning. Considered an authority on the subject, he has a fascinating collection of antique engine turning and ornamental turning equipment. Eric has made exceptional contributions in the field of applying color to guilloche, by using modern materials such as colored resins to achieve stable surfaces that can be applied to writing pens.